TRIOS 3Shape® scanner

The most advanced dental impression technique to be introduced in decades is the digital scanner, and Smile By Design is happy to provide our Brooklyn and New York community with the state-of- the-art TRIOS 3Shape® scanner. Our doctors use this tool to take oral impressions for crowns, implants, bridges and partial dentures, plus the scanner delivers superior results and is infinitely more comfortable for the patient.

The scanner works by using CAD/CAM technology, and this provides our dentists with high-quality 3D digital impressions in color and in real time. The enhanced imaging not only eliminates the traditional gooey molds from before, but it also provides a more exact measurement of what you need by color matching the shade your teeth. This means your implants, dentures, veneers, and even Invisalign products will conform more precisely to your mouth because we have more exact measurements. And true to our as-soon- as-possible philosophy, your scanned results are sent to our in-house laboratory via secured online communication and are used immediately to produce the best oral care in New York.

Beyond the improved oral hardware, patients appreciate the comfort of the scanner as well. Traditional impressions cause many patients to experience a gag reflex, but with the digital scanner the roof of your mouth is no longer irritated. Smile By Design is pleased to offer this pain-free and advanced dental technology to all of our patients in Brooklyn.