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    Why We Are The Best Dentist In Brooklyn?

    Are you searching for the right dentist in Brooklyn area? Our Dentistry is a full service family dental office in Brooklyn, New York that is a one stop shop for anything and everything dental. From carrying the latest technologies to having an in-house lab, We are the dental clinic that you want to go to and have all of your dental needs covered.

    We know that people have hundreds of questions when it comes to dental coverage. From the catalog of services offered, to the tools and equipment used, to the new technologies that have advanced dentistry and to navigating the process from procedure to payment, we know that a trip to the dentist’s chair seem extremely daunting. But, here we want to take away all the mystery from every dental visit and remove any hesitation you might have about every aspect of any procedure you might get here in our office. Maintaining good oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth should be a top priority in everyone’s life. And, the more you become involved and the better informed you are, the more that mystery and hesitation will go away. Our ‘customer first’ policy has helped us involve our customers into the process of choosing the right dental procedures that are right for them.

    Here are some common questions to help you feel more informed about dental services in Brooklyn.

    What Dentistry Services does we offer in Brooklyn?

    Our Brooklyn Dentistry is equipped with all of the newest, state-of-the-art technologies to accommodate your dental needs. We offer everything from basic services – such as routine teeth cleaning, extractions and oral cancer screenings – to cosmetic and restorative services such as teeth whitening, braces, crowns and veneers. Whatever service you need. Whether you need a periodontist (a dentist who deals with tooth disease), a prosthodontist (one who specializes in implants) or just a simple dental hygienist.

    What are the advantages of choosing our dental clinic in Brooklyn, NY?

    Smile By Design is your one stop for all your dental needs. We carry everything in house, so you’ll never be sent elsewhere for any dental services. We also has all the latest technologies – from using the Trios 3Shape Scanner, to our intraoral camera – so that your dental visit goes smoothly and is to the highest of standards. We know that visiting a dentist is be frightening and overwhelming. And that’s why we pride ourselves on being a customer oriented business – we want to ensure that your visit is as quick, easy and worry-free as possible.

    What to expect from a visit to our dentist clinic in Brooklyn?

    Here we are committed to making your visit to the dentist as easy and comfortable as possible. The customer comes first, always, and we ensure that we answer any and all of your questions that you might have while visiting. We want there to be no mystery or fear in anyone who comes to us with their dental needs. We also carry the newest technologies and have a fully comprehensive all-in-one office so that your visit is of the highest quality. From the time you schedule your appointment until the end of your visit, we are committed to making every step of the process as easy as possible. Our in-house lab also ensures that this will be the only dentist office you’ll ever need to visit. All the dental work you’ll ever need will be done right here at our Brooklyn dental office so you will never have to go elsewhere.

    Does our dentistry carry the latest technologies?

    Absolutely! We are extremely proud of the fact that we have a fully digital dental office in Brooklyn. Technology has changed the face of dentistry. No longer do clunky x-ray machines have to make your dental visit a hassle or cause you any discomfort. And, you no longer have to wait hours or even days for dental images to come back. With digital x-ray machines, images come back immediately and are done with a pinpoint accuracy that old machines could never achieve. Our Brooklyn dentistry uses a Trios 3shape scanner which is a completely digital scanner that avoids all the goo from the dental clinics of old. Using this scanner, we get images immediately and with less discomfort than ever before. We also use an intraoral camera that are scanned immediately into our system so that you see the scans right away and what the doctor sees while the procedure is explained. It allows the customers to be involved in the dental decision making process rather than just a bystander. All of the digital imaging is done in-house and in real time so you may see the images as they are taken. And we uses cone beam imaging to create the most detailed and precise measurements for cosmetic work so that even the tiniest detail will be done right.

    Who is the Dentist behind Smile By Design in Brooklyn?

    Smile By Design is pleased to be headed by Dr. Lionel Abitbol. Dr. Abitbol has over 10 years of experience as a dentist and is a standing member with the American Dental Association and the International Congress of Implantologists. Dr. Abitbol is committed to being up to date on all the newest advancements in dentistry and takes courses on new advances and become regularly licensed. Our dental clinic is happy to bring Dr. Abitbol and his commitment to excellence for its customers. We want to have the best dentist to take care of all your needs and Dr. Abitbol is the best dentist for the job.

    Does our dental office offer dentistry for children

    Yes! We are a family dental office right in Brooklyn, NY who will take care of patients young and old. We like to be thought of as a “kids’ dentist.” Our dentistry is specialized in pediatric dentistry and will do everything to make your child’s visit easy and comfortable. We know that children are often intimidated by the thought of the dentist and we make it our top priority to take all the fear away from the entire experience. With our state of the art technology and our digital lab, most of the pain and fear associated with dentists has been taken away.

    What are some of the dental procedures that we may do?

    Any dental service you need may be done, in house, at dental office.

    We offer routine services such as:

    -Teeth Cleanings, Extractions, Root Canal Surgery, Wisdom Tooth Removal, Fillings and Comprehensive Oral Examinations.

    We also offer an array of options for cosmetic dentistry such as:

    -Tooth Crowns, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Bleaching, Veneers, Lumineers, Invisalign and Implants And we are also happy to say that many of our services can be done same day or for emergencies!

    What are some of the same day procedures that we offers in Brooklyn?

    We know that people lead busy lives and that multiple visits to the dentist can be a hassle, and cause stress to try and fit it into an already cramped schedule. But here at Brooklyn dentistry, we’ve streamlined our operations with our in-house lab and state of the art technology. This lets us do most procedures in the same day! From teeth cleaning, to comprehensive oral screenings we want to make your visit as quick as possible. We have everything in-house, including our very own dental clinic. By having our own dental clinic, we are able to create a crown for you the same day you come in. You don’t have to wait a few weeks for your final crown to come in. It can be created and put in within a few short hours.

    Here is a list of some of the services we offer for same day or emergencies:

    -Lost or broken crowns, inlays and onlay, root canals, chipped teeth, abscessed teeth, Wisdom tooth pain, routine or broken fillings, gum injuries, regular or deep cleanings.

    And, of course, If any procedure may require more than one day, we can work around your schedule to make it easy for you.

    Where is our dental office located?

    Smile By Design is located right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York City at 1603 McDonald Ave in Midwood, right near the F line. We proudly serve Brooklyn and many surrounding New York communities including Midwood, Borough Park, New Utrecht, and Bensonhurst. When people ask to find that “dentist near me”.

    Is Smile By Design affordable?

    One of the biggest fears people have of the dentist (besides pain!) is the cost. Dental costs have steadily risen over the years and many people fear that they won’t be able to get adequate dental coverage because they simply can’t afford it. Many people also fear that if they go to a ‘cheap dentist’ that they will be sacrificing quality for price and get an inadequate dental visit. But here at Smile By Design, we want to make sure that you get top notch dental coverage at an affordable price. We accept most major insurances (here’s a list of the insurances we accept) and we also offer a variety of payment options and plans to make covering the cost of your visit extremely easy and affordable. To make our visits even more affordable, Smile By Design also has specials to make your visit even less expensive. (You can see our specials) If you’re not sure if you can afford certain treatments, come in and talk to us! We want to work with you and to help you find a way to take care of your beautiful smile.

    WOW! Is Smile By Design really this amazing?

    Yes! From having a full, state-of-the-art in-house lab, to providing same day or emergency dental services, to offering affordable work of the highest quality, Smile By Design is the dental office that people turn to for all their dental needs. We want to make sure that we offer our highest level of quality and service to everyone. Satisfying our customers is one of our top priorities and we want to make sure that we are amazing for every customer who walks through our door.

    I’d love to check you out! How do I make an appointment? Are you taking new patients?

    We are always taking new patients! Just contact us to make an appointment. You can call us at 718-265-6699 or email us at We’re also more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about Smile By Design or about any of the services that we offer. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while or are curious about what cosmetic dentistry options you have to enhance your smile, come in and talk to us. We can help you find the dental procedures that are right for you.

    If you’d like to learn more, you can:

    Find us on Yelp

    Check out our website

    We hope we have answered all of your questions and look forward to have you come in and see all that Smile By Design can do for you.