In-house Laboratory

Smile By Design’s in-house Elegant Dental Laboratories allows us to deliver the fastest and most exact dental care in Brooklyn. Lab owner Gary Fingerman has run the Elegant Dental Laboratories since 2006 and began his apprenticeship in dental technology in 1994. Mr. Fingerman regularly lectures and presents at various conferences in the U.S.A. while also attending courses throughout the world in order to diversify lab technique and production. He is also intimately involved in developing oral scanning systems and implant planning software.

Most clinics have to work with a long-distance provider in order to fulfill patient requests for implants, veneers, and crowns, but Smile By Design and Elegant Dental Laboratory’s offices are connected and work closely so your needs are expedited as a rule, not a special order. Elegant Dental offers a milling center while specializing in full mouth rehabs, implants, and other cosmetic cases. Elegant Dental Laboratories’ staff has over 30 years of experience and uses the combination of exact measurements you will receive at Smile By Design with the state-of- the-art lab technology to make your new teeth look just like (if not better than) your old set.

In addition to the fastest fabrication of your dental restorations, Elegant Dental unconditionally guarantees that your new teeth will function perfectly and look entirely natural. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the lab’s work, a new restoration will be provided at no additional cost. Visit Elegant Dental Laboratories’ website to find out more about what services they provide Smile By Design patients and others throughout New York.