Facial pain

Cavities aren’t the only malady that can cause pain for patients. Just as oral health interlinks with gut and muscular issues, other factors beyond the mouth can greatly affect your dental wellbeing. The presence of stress, narcotics, medicines, and unhealthy diet can ultimately lead to two types of facial pain that affect millions of Americans: bruxism and TMJ.

The behavior of excessively grinding teeth is called bruxism, and the most difficult form of this happens during sleep. Tooth sensitivity, oral pain, jaw pain, headaches, and even sinus inflammation can be caused by the constant biting and grinding that happens at night, and with one in ten Americans suffering from bruxism, many people do not seek treatment. Consequently additional problems like insomnia and neck pain can reduce the quality of your waking state, all without knowing that this nighttime behavior is happening.

Another facial affliction is Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), and unlike bruxism, this is not a behavior but rather pain located in a specific part of your face. This joint connects the area close to your inner ear to the lower jaw and is mainly responsible for chewing and other jaw-based movements. Bruxism can make TMJ worse, but other problems like arthritis or injury can also be responsible.

If your jaw has a limited range of motion, feels locked or stuck, and causes popping sounds when opening wide and closing, you might be experiencing TMJ. Shoulder, temple, and neck pain can also be prevalent, along with difficulty in chewing or feeling like your teeth are not coming together correctly.

The differences between bruxism and TMJ can be hard to tell, but luckily Smile By Design’s Brooklyn dentists will be able to diagnose and treat either using one or a combination of the methods below. If you’re not sure if you have either, please call or email to make an appointment, as this could save you years of facial and other corporal pain.

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