all on 4 or 6 implant system

Decaying teeth are a sign that the bone underneath gums has also suffered, which means typical dental implants might not be a cost or time-efficient manner of helping you. Patients who suffer from this wide-spread decay or tooth-loss will most likely benefit from the All-on- 4 or 6 dental implant procedure, as this allows our team to bypass bone grafts. Rather than waiting a few months for bone to heal, the All-on- 4 or 6 procedure places implants at a 45 degree angle into healthy bone versus the traditional straight method. A temporary prosthesis (replacement) for your top or bottom mouth can be installed within 24 hours of the surgery, and with proper oral care, your permanent teeth can be installed in a few months. This will give the bone around your new implants time to adjust, and then your smile will look and function beautifully for decades!

How do you know if you need All-on- 4 or 6 dental implants? If the top or bottom of your mouth has multiple teeth that are in bad shape, it could be more beneficial to replace the entire row. Our team will first measure your mouth with our digital scanner to get an exact report on the status of your oral health, and based on those results which measure shape, bone density, and more, we’ll be able to suggest the best care for you, whether that is the All-on- 4 or All-on- 6 procedure. The difference between these two is that four implants are placed versus six, and this is based on the amount of healthy bone and strength needed to make sure your smile stays in place.

There are multiple options and solutions to help you obtain a healthy and beautiful mouth, which is why we at Smile By Design would love for you to make an appointment at our Brooklyn dental office so we can set you on track for a more rewarding life.

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