Cosmetic & Restorative

Having a beautiful smile is worthwhile for many social and self-esteem related reasons, but Smile By Design also wants you to know that the words “cosmetic” and “restorative” go beyond a gorgeous set of teeth. Minor and serious health concerns can surface when teeth are not straightly aligned. For example, digestion starts in the mouth, and the motion of chewing activates the enzymes which help break down your food before being swallowed. Missing teeth may make it harder for your stomach and gut to process these meals, thereby causing stomachaches and other indigestion. Another example of the harm a misaligned mouth can cause is an unbalanced jaw which can negatively alter spinal, muscular, and breathing functions. Smile By Design’s dental clinic in Brooklyn wants to help you avoid these maladies and improve your overall health through targeted care, so take a look at some of the procedures we offer below to help you and your family.

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