Cone beam 3d imaging

Selfies are in, but the 600+ 3D pictures cone beam image processing uses to get the best internal view of your mouth might give your iPhone a run for its money. Typical 2D is pushed aside so our physicians can have a more dynamic view and precisely plan long-term treatments without the educated guessing.

Patients bite down on a plastic piece while the machine takes multiple images, and other than standing still, there isn’t much for you to do but wait patiently. Not every patient needs to have the imaging done, but when other means of observation do not fully answer questions our dental physicians have about the condition and planning of your oral health, cone beam imaging helps confirm treatment and deter doubt so you receive the most informed service. Dental implants, full mouth reconstructions, braces, and a variety of other services are implemented with thorough precision when these 3D images are available, and Smile By Design is confident that our Brooklyn dental clinic will help you receive the best treatment possible via the knowledge of our physicians and our office’s technological knowhow.


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