Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Our treatment directed at patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, CPAP Intolerance and TMJ/TMD and Craniofacial pain and dysfunction. Our Dental Sleep Medicine and Craniofacial Pain Center frequently encounter patients who are suffering from TMJ problems and who had been involved in car accidents, trauma patients. I am, Dr. Victoria Shklovsky, a Diplomate in Dental Sleep Medicine & TMJ Specialist for more than 24 years, provides Sleep Apnea and TMJ/TMD treatment. I am a certified specialist for trauma patients, whiplash injury and work injury. Additionally, I am in-network provider with most medical insurance plans.

We are treating the patients who can not use the CPAP, not a candidate for CPAP therapy, who is suffering from claustrophobia, with a custom made FDA approved Oral Appliances. We are providing Combination therapy ( CPAP + Oral Appliance) for Severe OSA to significantly reduce the pressure and increase compliance for the CPAP. We are fabricating a custom made TMJ orthotics for the patients suffering from TMJ problems & Craniofacial dysfunction.

Dorsal sleep device

This dorsal design is used to aid in the treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. It’s ergonomic two tray design helps those patients that are CPAP intolerant and do not like their jaws locked together shut throughout the night. The device is precisely hand crafted to fit over the teeth and the bite is fixed in the treatment position with little or no adjustment for the doctor. We offer a wide variety of colors to choose from; thus, allowing the patient to be more involved in the treatment and express their individual style. We offer several variations in design for each different patient anomaly. Please inquire for more details.


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