Digital Dentistry

Going digital at the dentist means more than just expensive equipment with bells and whistles. Improved accuracy in measurements and diagnoses are just one product of digital tech at Smile By Design, and this saves you time, money, and pain that can happen if molds and implants need to be redone. Another incredible advantage of digitized tools include the streamlining process between our clinic and in-house laboratory. Secure communication between both allow our dental office in Brooklyn to get accurate measurements sent to the lab quickly so you can enjoy your restorative as soon as possible.

One tool our dental physicians use is the Trios 3Shape scanner. This digital development helps us and you to avoid that classic gooey material traditionally done to take molds of your mouth. There’s a cleaner and less gag-oriented manner of taking those same measurements with the Trios 3Shape, and we think your visit to our clinic will be more enjoyable with this great digital tool.

Smile By Design’s technology also helps to make you a partner in your oral health rather than just a bystander. Our intraoral camera displays high definition videos and images of your mouth, and when the time comes to make a decision about what will be best for your teeth, you’ll already have seen the same view your doctor had the entire time.

Finally, when it comes to full mouth reconstruction, complicated implant procedures, and even braces, cone beam imaging gives our physicians incredibly detailed measurements and images of not just your teeth, but the bone structure around your entire mouth. 600+ pictures come together to help our dental professionals plan the best treatment for you over the long term, and this digital tool will make sure you are receiving the most customized care possible.

If you have any questions about these tools or want to know more about how Smile By Design’s digital dentistry can help you and your family, give us a call or email so we can assist you.



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