Dr. Victoria Shklovsky

Dr. Victoria Shklovsky attended New York University where she received her degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1996.

Upon graduation Dr. Shklovsky completed extensive post- graduate training in the areas of Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ/TMD and head and neck pain. She is a Neuromuscular Dentist and has been fortunate to receive her education from some of the most innovative clinical practitioners in America.

Dr. Shklovsky is a Diplomate in Dental Sleep Medicine and a member of American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

She is Sleep Disorders/Sleep Apnea, TMJ, and Headaches Specialist.

Dr. Shklovsky is maintaining her level of expertise by extensive continuing education studies.

She specializes in the treatment of Sleeping & Breathing Disorders, Dental Sleep Medicine, Oral Appliance Therapy for CPAP Intolerance and Temporomandibular Joint disorders.

Our office is the premier destination for patients suffering with Sleep Disorders, CPAP Intolerance, TMJ/TMD and headaches.