May 22, 2018

Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Dental Implants

There’s a high probability that you are considering dental implants if you’ve arrived at this page, and we’re happy you made it. The staff at Smile By Design has seen tremendous changes in our patients who undergo implant procedures including increased confidence, enhanced physical abilities to enunciate, and most importantly and most often overlooked, these patients have better health.

Dental implants are not just an accessory or cosmetic procedure (although insurance companies will tell you otherwise, as you’ll read below). Good health starts in the mouth, and proper biting and chewing sets the scene for how much and what kind of bacteria inhabits your mouth, the time and quality it takes your stomach to digest food, and the bone support or loss that can affect the shape of your face.

We’re serious about implants, and beyond our office shamelessly plugging our abilities to help you finance your dental implant procedure, Dr. Abitbol and the rest of the team want you to experience a complete and all-encompassing dental treatment. Without further ado, our Brooklyn dental office is happy to unveil some of the most common questions patients ask our staff about dental implants!